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An exclusive program for Startups looking to raise funds to grow and scale up their businesses


We connect startups to interested Angel Investors from our 24/7 Network.


Moreover, we will connect Startups to our Investment Schemes

Idea to Prototype

To nurture the product start-ups & innovators community in the rural and semi-urban region by offering facilities that catalyse technological innovation.

Idea to Prototype Lab, in association with the IIT Delhi, is a One Stop Solution which acts as a catalyst for the start-ups to achieve growth in the electro-mechanical sector on a local level. We support start-ups within our ecosystem, as well as any other innovators who are interested in developing, creating, and testing out innovative technologies. We provide a facility, which offers state-of-the-art infrastructure to support the development of prototypes, and helps to turn ideas into reality.

The Idea to Prototype lab has well-placed expertise and mentors to bring your innovation from concept to prototype; offering one-stop services such as:

  • MVP


Design Consultations:

Rapid Prototyping:

Wood Working:

Metal Working

Market Access

Startups’ main purpose is to provide solutions for unsolved problems or to provide better solutions than the ones that exist in the market. However, one of the biggest challenges of introducing a new product or solution is that it has not been tried or tested. Naturally, customers respond cautiously in embracing innovation.

Moreover, Startups often lack the capacity or network to knock on the doors of customers. Lack of access to customers or markets is one of the primary reasons Startups struggle, more so, in the case of Startups at growth stage.


AIC IIT Delhi is a workspace with a best in class infrastructure with a built-up area of 10,000 sq ft. It has facilities of global standards including Makers Lab, ESDM (Electronics Systems Design, Manufacturing) Cluster and Plug & Play workstation. Collaborate, network, and create value with Entrepreneurs, Startups, Mentors, Investors, Industry Leaders & Government.

Our workspaces are designed exclusively to meet all your workspace needs in the most economical way. So go on, choose your pick.


  • Plug and play workstations
  • 24/7 Accessible
  • High speed internet
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • AC Lounge and co working space
  • 24 hours power backup
  • Auditorium and amphitheatre
  • Gym and sports facility

Funding Schemes for Starups Incubated in AIC IIT Delhi

  1. Faculty Innovation and Research-driven Entrepreneurship (FIRE)
    • Funding support upto 50 lakhs
    • Commercialization of the technologies developed at IIT Delhi through Faculty-led Enterprises
  2. Sona-Comstar-IIT Delhi Innovation Program (SCIDIP)
    • Financial support upto 80 lakhs
    • Innovators in Smart, safe and eco-friendly mobility solutions

Platform for Harnessing Deep Technologies (PHD) Incubator

  • Funding upto 50 lakhs
  • Innovators in deep technology domain to develop POC and commercialize technology

Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) Scheme- BIRAC

  • Establish and validate proof of concept
  • Mentoring incubatees and new startups
  • Support upto Rs 50lakhs

NIDHI Seed Support System – DST

  • Support to incubateestartups up to Rs 1 crore

Pfizer IIT Delhi Innovation & IP Program

  • Supports upto Rs 50 lakhs to propel India’s healthcare innovations from idea to IP

Technological Incubation and Development of Entrepreneurs (TIDE), (MCIT) – www.mit.gov.in

  • To support technology ventures/IT and IT & ES at incubators in early stages of their development
  • Bridge between promoters investment and venture/angel investment
  • Equity and operational funding, funding support to start-ups upto Rs. 30 lakhs
  • For biotech start-ups, after completion of PoC
  • Investment based support to startups for scaling up, funding support upto Rs. 1cr.
  • For biotech start-ups who have successfully validated their products