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Triassic Aerospace Pvt. Ltd.

We are building a mid-sized eVTOL for Urban Air Mobility that can carry upto 200kg payload. Our target customers in the first phase will be local logistics companies that need faster modes of transport within the city and we plan to expand to other market segments as well.


Agriwaste Pvt. Ltd.

We have designed a low cost Bio Charcoal Machine priced at INR 9000 and its market price ranges between 7Lakh to 1cr. Bio Charcoal machine converts every kind of agri-waste into charcoal and it does not require any kind of external source.


Invitante Solutions Private Limited

We have developed a vending machine to provide instantly made fresh, healthy & hygienic fruit juices & salads.


Orish J Bioworks Private Limited

Nanotized curcumin in 100% natural form, with 90% purity, 5x bioavailability, and pre clinical studies, fit for human and animal nutrition.


Anshaj Smart Waste Management Pvt Ltd

We have developed a bin “Anshaj Smart Bin” that will sort the waste without any manual intervention.


Exobot Dynamics Private Limited

Developing an advanced, low-cost, multifunctional bionic hands for upper limb amputees.


Aquasynthesis Private Limited

Saffron farming through hydroponics technique


FirstHelp Med Services Private Limited

We have launched a two-wheeler ambulance service called 'RESCUE' to rech essential medical care during the 'golden hour' post accidents or incidents


Swatric Private Limited

We focus on the research and development of state-of-the-art technologies to support our mission to revolutionzed Indian domestic textile and garment industries in commercializing new and competitive categories of smart and functional products.


Superceuticals Private Limited

We are a health technology start-up, with a mission to revamp healthcare and its delivery as we know it. Our fixit product SC-AN will revolutionise the rural healthcare in India. SC-AN has capability to test for over 90 parameters with high accuracy in the shortest possible time ranging from 1 min to 15 mins. SC-AN aims at providing the people a on stop solution for consultation and diagnosis.


Hapilipi Tech Private Limited

Efundu app drives Creative Learning with school content like Environmental as well as Real World. Life Skills content like Financial Literacy and Mental Health. We have introduced learning through comics and films in primary education.Starting with EVS bilingual comics, Assessment App and a Youtube Channel.


Sri Charishma Business Private Limited

India's first-ever water box, Caro water is pure water that needs no description but the priority is the sustainable packaging that won't harm our nature, animals, seashores.


Everflow Global Ventures Private Limited

Phycoremediation-based wastewater treatment technology. Water cleaning natural solutions and support a zero discharge policy. Algae biomass based series of products, Viz. Biofertilizer, Biofeed, Natural pigments, Nutritive products and microalgae cultivation technology, etc.


Servsec Private Limited

We aim to simplify the exaggerated and complex auto care solutions, by allowing businesses and individuals to receive the desired service in three quick and effective steps. Our Check, Compare,and Book methodology eliminates all consumer hassles and provides in-depth transparent services. As a one stop solution our service platform offers customers to check Prices, Customers reviews, and details of our network of partner garages.