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HyperX Energy

HyperX Energy is developing an Advanced Technology based Electric Performance motorcycle embedded with assistive intelligence.


Asun Tracker

Asun 2 Axis Tracker provides a daily tilt along the North-South axis, accounting for seasonal change in sun's path, in addition to daily East-West movement morning to evening, thus tracking the sun optimally at all times, across season and maintaining near the perpendicular angle of radiation incidence on solar modules. The result-higher yield and higher returns


Geliose Technologies Private Limited

Geliose Technologies uses application of developed technologies, in bringing innovative and efficient vehicles to life to solve the existing problems of public transport.


Greenleap Robotics

Greenleap Robotics is out there to play its part in moving the world towards a sustainable energy future. With their first product LOTUS-A4000, they're transforming how large-scale solar plants are cleaned. It will further improve the position of solar as one of the mainstream sources of energy.


Raised Lines Foundation

Design and production of books in accessible format along with the tactile diagrams. Development and dissemination of solutions related to tactile diagrams which includes machines, software etc.


Machphy Solutions

Machphy Solutions provide end-to-end cold chain solutions that are reliable and affordable for various sizes and requirement. Their products can provide temperatures from -60 degrees to +25 degrees. Their passive, active & hybrid cooling systems cater to india's wide range of needs.


John Doe

Celligo Natural Fibres (CNF) are working on green processing of Natural fibres/Agrowastes for their value-added applications.



GreenIPCore, an innovative fabless semiconductor company, vision to empower next-gen products with innovative technology. We are experts in developing and improving the reliability of Digital System IPs, Subsystem IPs, Communication IPs, Processing IPs, Security IPs, and SoCs. Our technology influences customers of IoT, Industrial, Defense, Automotive, Aerospace, Space, and Spacetech sector around the globe.


First Helpers

We are a two-wheeler ambulance service that provides essential medical care during the ‘golden hour’ post accidents or Incidents. Negotiating Indian traffic can be traumatic but we have devised a solution, at least for patients needing emergency care. A Two-wheeler ambulance service , promising to cut time for patients needing instant response.